4 Critical Elements of Lead Generation

elements of lead generationUnderstanding the elements of lead generation is absolutely necessary if you’re going to build a successful lead generation campaign.  Generating leads—both high in quantity and quality, is the objective for every business.  When a prospect calls me, we might talk about a number of things related to marketing, like their ideal client or their online presence, but ultimately, every business owner is really looking for more leads.

Leads are really the ultimate metric for any marketing program.  But what really is involved in lead generation?  Tactically speaking, there are four critical elements of lead generation that are necessary in every campaign.

4 Critical Elements of Lead Generation

Every lead generation program must have an offer, a call-to-action, a landing page, and a form.  That’s essentially what you’ll see when leads are gathered.

The Offer

An offer is a piece of a content perceived to be of high value.  The offer could be for an ebook, a whitepaper, complimentary consultations, a discount coupon, a product demonstration, or a free trial.

The Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (aka CTA) is either text, it could be an image or even a button that directly links to a landing page where people can find and download the offer.  The CTA could be ‘Download Now’ or ‘Access Free Article’, or Register for our Webinar’.

Landing Page

A landing page, is a specialized web page, that only contains information about one specific offer and includes a form to access that offer.  The best landing pages eliminate your typical website navigation so that viewers aren’t confused about what it is that you’d like them to do.


The final critical piece of lead generation is the form.  You can’t capture leads without a form.  The form will collect information about the lad—like name and email address.  A form will capture the contact information from a visitor in exchange for that offer.

While each of these four items are absolutely necessary for lead generation, there are best practices associated with each of these components and we’ll be reviewing delivering a series of posts to assist you in improving the lead generation process for any company.  Stay tuned for additional posts on building irresistible offers, calls-to-action that deliver, landing pages that convert and forms that supply leads.

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