Email Marketing Best Practices–How To Use Frequency and Segmenting For Success

email marketing best practicesLast week, I delivered a webinar presentation about the value of keeping yourself top of mind with your client and prospect list.  And in that webinar, I mentioned that email marketing is a  great way to do that.  One of the questions that came out of that then was about email marketing best practices and how frequently should we mailing our list.

This is a great question and I know I’ve seen a number of different answers.  I think there are several points to consider before you establish your level of frequency.

Volume of Valuable Content

If you’re going to actively use email marketing to keep yourself top of mind, it’s important that you’re producing some decent content on a pretty regular basis.  Email marketing best practices should always include valuable content.  If your content is of little value, frequent emails with limited value in them will not help your cause.  If you want to email with more frequency, you need to be writing great content frequently.  For example, if you’d like to email your list once a week, you really should be blogging 5 times a week.  If you’d like to touch your email list once a month, you should be blogging a minimum of once a week.

I think it’s important to include other people’s content in your emails as well, however, the best content in your newsletter, really should be your own.

Promotional Emails

I think it’s fine to also send out emails that really have only one featured call to action in them.  As long as you’re paying attention to the volume of valuable content, you can go ahead once in awhile and send a single email out to promote bring specific attention to a program or event.

Segmenting Your Lists

I also think it’s important to understand the kinds of content certain segments of your audience are really looking for.  If you can segment your list into parties that have certain interests, you can email those lists more frequently if the content is very relevant for them.

Drip campaigns are a valuable tool to use with segmenting.  For example, you can create a form on your website for prospects to join your email list.  When they join, you can immediately send them a note thanking them for joining their list and include a link to one of your most popular ebooks or blog posts on a very specific topic.  If they click on that link, you could then put them into a drop campaign automatically sends them a couple of follow-up messages with links to additional content on the same topic.  Drip campaigns are very effective for delivering relevant content based on a segments interest.

Email marketing best practices and frequency has more to do with building awesome content than anything else.  If you’re not creating great content on a very regular basis, you have no business emailing your list.  Respect their time and be sure what you’re sending out is valuable, educational and useful for them.  Need help building better content?  Check out our Crazy Busy Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation in the Real World.

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