The Business Goals of Content Marketing

goals of content marketing
Link the goals of content marketing to the goals of your business.

We can talk about the business goals of content marketing, but for the most part, the underlying premise behind any marketing is to generate awareness and get to people to take action.  In the case of content marketing, it actually helps to write down a list of desired actions that will help you get to awareness and action and that’s what we’ve done here.

While there are multiple formats of content marketing that are appropriate for most organizations, giving some thought to the types of content required at various stages of the sales funnel is also important.  Think about the following business goals of content marketing as you prepare your marketing plan and editorial calendar.

Brand Awareness

For many businesses, marketing is about generating awareness.  Not enough people know the organization is out there waiting to solve your problem.  Content marketing can assist with brand awareness by encouraging a well-thought out keyword strategy associated with content generation.   Developing a series of key search terms to target in the content that you create can certainly help a web site to improve its ranking on some of those key terms.  To generate awareness, you want your blog content show up in online searches and in order to make that happen, you have to have thought about search engine marketing.

Lead Conversion and Nurturing

Your definition of a lead will vary, but the idea behind lead conversion is get someone to exchange their contact information for some form of engaging or useful content.  The exchange might be for access to a report or ebook of information, registration for a live or virtual event or even a free trial.  The idea here is to offer something of value to get an individual to raise its hand and give permission to be marketed to.

In many cases the individual won’t yet be ready to buy, but this is an opportunity for them to continue to gather more information through that nurturing process.

Customer Conversion

This is the kind of content that converts a lead to a customer.  Information like case studies and testimonials are key ‘proof’ that your products and/or services do, in fact, solve the problem.  This kind of content is used to demonstrate why your solution will meet your prospects needs.

Customer Service

Content marketing is a great way to enhance your customer service.  You can use various types of content to show your current customers how they can get even more value out of your product.  It’s also a great way to reinforce their decision post-purchase.  Delivering information that relates to best practices for how to use your product or service is the key.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

The ultimate goal is to turn your customers into loyal and passionate users that refer you so you have to provide them with some content that keeps you top of mind and continues to make them want to share their experiences with others.  Newsletters, user-group meetings and training are ways to deliver content that can encourage retention.

Cross-sell or Upsell

The idea here is to demonstrate what further value you have to offer your customers and ensure they’re aware of it.  Provide content that discusses all of the use cases for your products and services to ensure that their organization is getting the greatest value for their money.  They are already invested in your company with their original purchase, now look at the opportunities to become even further entrenched to create more loyalty.

When you give some hard-core thought as to why you’re creating content and how you plan to use that content, content marketing makes even more sense and can deliver even more value to your organization.  Thinking about your content as it relates to your business goals also allows you to generate a plan that also allows you to create and repurpose your content more efficiently.

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