Email Marketing 101–How To Grow Your Email List

email marketing listsI find it funny how frequently I hear people say email marketing is dead.  That’s simply not the case.  The percentage of people who use email is astonishing–more than 90% depending on the source of research. Regardless, the fact remains that you must continue to work at growing your email marketing lists and continue to be relevant.

Growing an email list can be challenging, however, because of the opportunity it presents for your business, it’s important to keep it front and center in your thinking.  While some of the items below seem obvious, I can tell you that I’ve had few clients or prospects who do a great job of each of these 4 items.  Go ahead and evaluate a few web sites you visit often and see how they measure up on 1 through 3.  Then go visit your own site.

1. Ensure your sign-up form is prominent on your site.  It’s funny how difficult the email sign up form can be to find on many web sites.  If email marketing is something you decide to invest your time and marketing budget in, make it obvious and as easy as possible for people to find it and sign up with you.

2. Don’t ask for much in return.  Start simple.  Name and email address and that’s it.  After you’ve been doing this awhile and you offer more advanced tactics like segmenting your email lists, you can start to ask for more information like company or location.

3. Give them an incentive for signing up.  If I’m going to give up my email address, I want something valuable in return.  Whatever  you offer, you want to make sure that it does provide some value.  You can offer educations items like ebooks, complimentary consultations, or maybe a free trial.

4. Grow your list off-line.  When you speak or present at conferences, this is a huge opportunity to grow your mailing list.  Be sure to have some means of capturing email addresses to add to your mailing list at these events.  If you’re at a tradeshow or conference, ensure you have set up a means to growing your list during these events.

Growing your email marketing lists is a never-ending activity because of churn and inactive subscribers.  Email marketing is really a no-brainer when it comes to cost-effective ways of keeping yourself top-of-mind.  And regardless of the tactic or technology, we have to stay on top of it and deliver the best content and memorable delivery to keep people interested.

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