How Do You Find Your Target Market On-line?

This question came to me recently via Jarrett Gucci of Dynasty Web Solutions–it’s from one of his readers.  We have worked together on a number of projects.

This is an interesting question.  While the internet does give you some tools to better find those in your target market on-line, the real challenge here is that employing a strategy of selling isn’t likely to be all that fruitful.  There is nothing more annoying than the person continuously flogging their wares on Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking site. 

I personally think it’s more effective to create an information rich, education-based marketing machine with your website, blog, and social networks to get this content in the path of ideal prospects.  This path is likely to generate much greater momentum than using the sell strategy.  Use the internet to enhance the way you educate prospects because it’s a much better long-term marketing strategy. 

Set your marketing tools up in such a way that allows your ideal prospects to find you and decide for themselves that you have the perfect solution for them.  If you do this properly, you can pretty much do away with a selling mentality.  But this strategy has to prevail in every marketing tactic you employ—your ads, your PR, your referrals, your website, your blog, social networking sites, lead nurturing and conversion and even your customer service.  Provide valuable content and education about your industry.

Becoming an information machine is a much better strategy for 2 simple reasons.  It’s way more fun to pick up the phone and have someone on the other end go on about all the information they’ve read, seen or heard about you and your products and services.  And those prospects that have come to you by way of your information machine are much more likely to be your ideal client than those that you hunt down with your selling tactics.

No question that this strategy takes a lot more work—you have to write, hold workshops, blog, etc.  And it takes patience because you have to gently drip information to your prospects.  But the payoff will be substantial.

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