How Many Social Media Profiles Do You Maintain?

Interesting question.   It appeared on a marketing forum recently.  When I last looked, 638 people had already responded to this question.  There’s no right or wrong answer and I don’t think the question has anything to do with anyone really caring how many profiles you maintain.  Shouldn’t it be about the number of profiles it takes to get the job done?  So, isn’t the real question about the outcome that you’re looking for? 

Many businesses have started to use Social Media as a marketing tool to get their name out there and there’s no question that these sites and profiles can be a very effective marketing tool.  However, in order for it to be effective, business owners should put some goals and objectives around what it is that they want to accomplish with social media.  Is it simply to get the business name out there or are you wanting to actually use it to grow your prospect list, or are you wanting to develop a list of strategic partners for your business?  And these should be measureable goals and objectives, otherwise you can’t monitor improvement over time.  And it’s not just about the number of followers you have, but what kind of dialogue and relationship you are actually developing with them.  Having 700 followers doesn’t mean much if none of them do anything but follow you.

Every site requires a profile and it takes time to manage that profile.  It should be about the quality of the information you post along with your profile rather than the number of profiles you have.  So the other key thing you need to be conscious of is whether or not the social media site attracts your target audience.  If your target is Baby Boomers, you want to make sure you’re thinking about a site like Facebook where Baby Boomers are the fastest growing demographic.  If you’re looking for professionals, you’ll want to ensure you understand all the capabilities of LinkedIn.  Take the time to do some research about each of the sites to ensure that setting up a profile and managing it makes sense for you and your business.

Recognizing that doing anything right requires time and thought.  Successful social media is not about how many sites you’re on–it’s about the content that you’re contributing and whether or not that content is allowing you to develop the know, like and trust factor with prospects and clients.


  • I think online business marketers must look into quality rather than quantity. One online business owner I know pointed out to me that he would like to have presence to all (if possible) social media he knows and his researchers would discover. My question was: how are you going to maintain it? It’s expensive of course!

  • I agree! While social media sites in general are free, our time isn’t. We still have to think about the opportunity cost associated with spending time maintaining profiles that reach only a small number of prospects. As with any marketing, my recommendation is to narrow your market and focus your efforts where your target market hangs out. Thanks for your comment JGG.

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