How To Build a Landing Page

landing pagesSurprisingly, a number of business owners don’t know how to build a landing page.  Landing pages are critical for capturing leads.  A landing page is a page on your website that can only be reached by clicking on a link from an ad or another call to action, and are meant only to capture leads and gather information.  It is important to make your landing pages as effective and efficient as possible and you can do that by following some key best practices.

What You Should Have On Your Landing Page

A great landing page will include all of these elements:

  • A headline (as well as a sub-headline if necessary)
  • A concise description of what you are offering
  • At least one image, relevant to the content of the page
  • A form to capture information (this is the most important!)
  • Optional:  other supporting elements like security badges, testimonials, etc.

Remove the Main Navigation

Even though a landing page is part of your website, that doesn’t mean that it should look exactly like the rest of your website.  Be sure to remove the navigation on the landing page – don’t have menus, links, etc. that could potentially draw your visitors away from the landing page.  A landing page has only one purpose and that’s to get the visitor to fill in their information.  You don’t want them clicking on links and other things that would distract them from this one simple task on the landing page.

Be Consistent in Your Advertising and the Headline of the Landing Page

Avoid confusion and be sure to utilize similar wording, etc. in your call to action (or your advertisement or however the visitor reached your landing page) and your landing page.  If the call to action offers something different from what the landing page actually displays, the visitor will be confused and will not trust you.  The visitor may even think that the link was broken, or linked to the wrong page.

Simplicity is Key

Be concise in the content of your landing page.  If there are too many words, too many images, too much of anything – your visitor will be distracted from your main goal, which is to gather the visitor’s information.  Be sure to explain your offer and its benefits, but don’t make it too elaborate – simplicity is key.

Call Attention to the Benefits of Your Offer

Don’t just list what your offer does, show your visitor how it will specifically benefit them.  For instance, rather than just saying, “This e-book describes the best practices of internet marketing”, say “This e-book will increase your campaign effectiveness by 75%”.

Encourage Sharing Via Social Media

Be sure to include social media buttons on your landing page.  This way your visitors can share your offer with their friends and colleagues via LinkedIn or Twitter, and more.  Social sharing is an important way to gather more leads.

More Landing Pages = More Leads

By increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, most companies see a 55% increase in leads.  Various types of educational content can be offered from a landing page.  So build more landing pages!  Create more content and offers to generate more leads for your company.

Landing pages are an important way to gather leads and ultimately increase sales.  But only effective and efficient landing pages will make a difference for your company.  It’s important to monitor the effectiveness of your landing pages by testing a number of options that can affect your landing page conversion rates.  Start with the best practices mentioned here and if you’re still having trouble, fell free to contact us for a complimentary marketing audit that can help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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