How To Create a Video Introduction For Your Web Site

We all know the benefits of adding video to our websites:  it creates a stronger presence for yourself, and it offers you an even better opportunity to show your face as well as your personality to help you create know, like, and trust.  In order to create an effective video introduction, follow the 6 steps detailed below.

1. Introduce yourself and your company name.

2. Describe the kind of customers that you work with (target market) and the problem that you solve.

3. Give your audience an image of what life is like when the problem is solved.

4. Talk about how they got there in the first place.

5. Provide a path to hiring you and what they can expect.

6. Give them a call to action.

The following is sample script that a residential realtor could use for a video introduction on their web site.

Hi, I’m Jane Smith, residential realtor in South Orange County.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of realtors in the Orange County area but I want you to know that I work with a very specific kind of client.  I work with divorced woman interested in buying or selling residential property.  After having been through the pain and uncomfortable position of  divorce, these women want to know they are working with a professional who is concerned about protecting their best and long-term financial interest.  These women want piece of mind knowing that their financial interests are protected and that their family is in a good position to prosper.

We all know the blissful delight that comes along with falling in love and getting married, but that delight doesn’t offer much security or protection should that love come to an end. 

As a woman who’s been through the process, I understand the emotions, and I understand having to plan for children’s care, schooling and activities.  I understand the paperwork that needs to be completed and the financial protection and security that women in this position need to consider.

If you’re a woman in the process of divorce or have already divorced and are looking to make a residential purchase for residence or investment, I can help you through the process and ensure that you and your interests are protected for the long-term.  Give me a call and we can get together for a coffee to discuss your situation.

Review the details above and pull together a script for your own video introduction.

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