How To Create Effective About Pages

How well do you connect with your audience? It starts with having effective about pages.  You probably know that we buy from companies that we like and trust. Part of that connection and the ability to build both likeability and trust, comes from having an authentic brand – a brand that your prospects respond to. There are many tools that you can use to create, build, and strengthen your brand. One of the most overlooked tools is quite simple. It’s your “About” page.

Many B2B organizations create “About” pages that are extraordinarily brief. They list a few dates, perhaps, or a mission statement. But the brand isn’t represented and neither are the people behind the brand. If you want to strengthen your connection to your prospects, start with effective About pages.

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If you’re a sole proprietor then it’s time to get creative. Share who you are, what you’re about, and don’t just stick to business. Tell your story as it relates to your company and where you are now. What lessons have you learned in life? What goals have you achieved and why do you love your business?

If you’re a corporation or have more than one employee, consider creating an About page that shares the stories of the people behind the scenes. And if you blog, then create an About page for each author on your blog. Consider letting each author, or employee, write their own information for their page/bio. Here are a few ideas to guide the process.

1. Tell your story. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a corporation, share your story and the story of your employees. Begin from the beginning. Where were you born? Where did you grow up and how did the details of your life shape you into the person you are now?

Think about the information that your audience can relate to. Share the lessons you’ve learned, the mistakes you’ve made and the moments of success that you’ve celebrated. What are your goals? What’s your vision for the future and why are you here?

Why did you start or join the company? What do you love? What brings you great joy and what do you want to share with others? Don’t hold back – allow people to get to know all sides of you and/or your team.

2. Include a picture. People connect with faces. They want to know what you look like, so a photo of you on your About page will help them connect with you. If a photo doesn’t appeal to you, consider an infographic, a cartoon, or even a video.

A short video also lets your visitors hear your voice. It’s a great way to take the connection to the next level. If you do choose to use a video as part of your About page, keep it short; less than a minute. Back it up with written content so that you reach and connect with all of your prospects. Some people will not watch the video, while others may watch the video but won’t read or will only scan the rest of your About page.

3. Talk about the future. In addition to sharing your past, and even a bit about your present, mention your goals on your page too. It helps prospects see you as a forward-thinking person, a problem solver, and it may help you connect with future business partners and create opportunities.

Your About page is something that can and will change over time. Consider updating it annually. Allow it to evolve as you and your organization evolve. Set aside time each year to update and refresh your About page.

A Few Best Practices

Your About page is just like any other page on your website. There are a few marketing practices and tactics that you’ll want to integrate. The first is to test and track your “About Page.” Establish goals for it. What do you want to achieve with your page? What action do you want people to take after they read your page?

Include one call to action on the page. If you want people to download a free report, then include that link and call to action on the page. If you want them to sign up for your newsletter, grab a free demo, or contact you for a free consultation or evaluation, then include that call to action and link. Then test and track your call to action as well.

Link to social media. Integrate social media onto your About page and keep in mind that you have an About page on your social media pages that matters too. Apply the same in-depth detail on your social media pages. Be consistent in terms of voice and goals.

A word about comments… A good About page will often receive comments. Respond to them. Share them and use them to learn more about your audience and to engage.

Finally, your About page is also a good page to share any media accolades, awards, or coverage. And make sure that your contact information is clear and easy to find.

Your company’s “About” page should be a powerful marketing tool. It should help strengthen your brand, give your organization personality, set you apart from your competition and forge a stronger connection with your audience. It’s a tool that makes it easy to be both authentic and transparent. Leverage it to grow your business.

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