How To Write to Create a Great Content Marketing Experience

Do you ever feel like your constant additions to your blogs and websites aren’t doing you any good? Here are some foolproof ways to create a great content marketing experience and  increase the effectiveness of your posts.

General Writing

Here are just a few tips that will improve your blog writing in general and enhance the experience:

Speak in first and second person. This means use the words “you” and “I”, which will help your readers to feel more like they’re having a conversation with you, and that will make it more interesting for them to read.

vehicles motion blur closeupWrite simply. You don’t have to use lots of big words to wow your audience – and if you do, you might just chase them away. Write so that it’s easy for your readers to understand.

Be concise. Don’t write whole paragraphs that don’t have a point just to fill up space. No one wants to read those, not even you.

– Utilize subtitles. This makes it easier for your readers to locate the information they are most interested in.

– Create an attention-grabbing title. This could be anything from asking a question that makes readers think, to making a promise. Regardless, your title should make your readers want to read and cover the idea that you think is the most important take-away.

– Shorten your paragraphs. Don’t make paragraphs more than five to seven lines long. No one wants to read a wall of text that reminds them of high school chemistry class.

– Use images. Always include pictures. This breaks up the text for your readers and gives the eye a break.

– Use relevant pictures. Don’t use pictures just for the sake of using pictures, make sure they pertain to what you’ve written.

– Write a great introduction. Use a hook that draws your reader in and makes them want to read the rest of your article.

– Make it personal. Use your own voice, humor, etc. No one wants to read a dry, theoretical article. If you can, provide real-world examples that also helps to demonstrate the point.

– Use bold, italics, and underlining. Use these to emphasize major points, or important sentences, or even just single words.

– Tell a story. Tell a story so that your readers are captivated throughout your writing.

B2B Writing Strategies

As a marketer that caters to B2B companies, I’ve also included some tips for writing specifically for B2B audiences.

– Give evidence. Back up every point you make with solid evidence, so that you build credibility. Use statistics, results, etc.

– Give your resume. Somewhere within your writing (even if it’s just in the author bio) give your audience a list of your accomplishments and prove that you are an authority in the subject you are writing about.

– Make your writing actionable. This means that your audience should read what you’ve written and know what steps they should take to follow up.

– Utilize pictures and video. Videos to use can include instructional videos, and pictures might include infographics that guide your audience through what they need to do.

– Offer references. Give your audience more sources that they can go to for more information on your content.

– Use evidence within your titles. This can mean statistics, etc., which makes your audience want to read.

– Make your title about what they can get out of it. Tell your audience what they will be able to accomplish after reading your article.

– Always give industry insights. Make sure to give your audience information on what your industry is all about.

– Don’t publish content that will turn stale. Content that will still be pertinent in one to two years is always better than content that will need to be updated.

– Get specific. Don’t be vague in your writing, make sure what you’re saying is relevant to your audience.

– Solve problems. Regardless of whether the problem can be solved with your product or service, telling your audience how to solve other problems will make them more likely to turn to you in a time of need.

– Regularly update your content. Especially in the B2B world, things are always changing, and it’s likely that your content will need some updating to simply keep with the technology revolution.

– Make it interesting! B2B writing can often be really boring, so making your writing interesting with emotion and humor is a must.

Don’t wait, even if you’re not writing today, use some of these tips to beef up old posts and increase shares and click-through rates. Focus on your audience with these tips and they’ll appreciate it.

Now that you know how to write with your audience in mind, to really drive benefit from your blog, it would also be beneficial to think about your business goals as you develop your topics.

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