How To Create Great Video Content For Your Business

video contentVideo content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market any business today.  It has become so popular and effective due to both technological advances and the popularity of social media sharing that it really should be a key marketing tactic for every business.

Like everything else related to content marketing, many businesses, large and small, come back asking what kind of content makes for good video.  One of the best attributes of video content is that it can incorporate many different types and styles of videos.  The following list is a fairly comprehensive collection of concepts that could be used to create videos for marketing and awareness purposes.

Company Video Profiles

This type of video helps deliver knowledge about the company itself and how it operates.  This type of video is used for brand recognition, building trust, and giving prospects a very real opportunity to see what it’s like to work with your company.

Staff Video Profiles

These videos are a great way to allow prospects and clients to get to know the various employees they may come in contact with.  This kind of video helps to deliver a specific experience and an authentic image for clients and prospects.

Company Tours

Video is the perfect medium to deliver a company tour to a prospect or someone considering doing business with you.  Video delivers an element of reality for prospects because it allows prospects to see how the company works with its customers.

Humorous Employee/Good Time Videos

This type of video isn’t designed for advertising purposes.  Instead, it’s designed to show employees having fun or engaged in some of form of interesting activity.  These videos are used to promote the business’s name to encourage people to recognize the name without advertising.   These are also useful for promoting more online viewers than advertising alone.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a great means of elevating trust with prospects.  They are a great way to directly engage the viewer with information regarding the company’s product and service while getting some advertising benefit at the same time.  With true testimonial videos, it also allows us the opportunity to hear the real problem being experienced so that new prospects have something to identify with.

Training Videos

Video makes for the perfect tool to show people how to do something.  This kind of video allows the business to engage with its customers in a manner that most interests customers.  You can use video to show clients how to get the most value out of your products and services.

Video Blogs

Because people like to consume content differently, it makes good sense to have your blog content appear in both the written and video format.  Not only does video allow you to practice some additional SEO techniques that can be quite useful in the game of getting found, it also allows you to offer your audience content in different formats.

Mini-documentaries or Case Study Videos

This kind of video can introduce prospects to the many sides of a company.  Delivering information about the history of the company and the many stories behind the company, it helps to build name recognition and create a personality for the company itself that customers and prospects can interact with and follow.

Case Study videos are an excellent way to show the true value a company has delivered to its clients.  Proper format for a case study includes a brief description of the company and the problem at hand, details of the solution that the business provided, and, finally, the results or outcome experienced.

The best companies incorporate video content into their marketing in a variety of ways.  Using various types of marketing videos allows a business to reach different viewers and niches.  With careful content planning and proper video distribution, any business can find success using video marketing and this is why online video marketing is becoming so important to businesses.

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