How to Optimize Your Social Media Activity Via Click-Throughs

Publishing social media updates with links to your web site is one way to generate more traffic. But it’s not quite as simple as just publishing the links–unfortunately, it’s not build it, and they will come. There are seven steps you should follow to optimize your social media marketing to generate the click-through activity necessary for success.

1.  Don’t share just anything.

Quality over quantity. There should be no surprise here! Don’t be fooled into thinking that lots of content will be better than a few meaningful posts. Your followers will quickly realize that your content is sub-par if you post just anything. So make sure the content is interesting, relevant, helpful, or all three.

(Tip: You have to take time to plan great content that your audience will appreciate; there are no shortcuts.)

Social media2.  When posting on Facebook, include a photo!

Think about the way you use Facebook. Do you tend to be drawn to those posts with images or those with just text. The increase in positive feedback for status updates with photos from those without is startling: 104% more comments, 54% more likes and 84% more click-throughs. People love visual stimulation.

(Tip: Use pleasing color pallets, like that of Facebook itself: grey and white seem to work well.)

3.  You can’t forget the hashtags.

If I told you there was a simple way to double your traffic, would you do it? One word: hashtags. Just like your content, make sure the hashtags are relevant! People know when they’re being spammed, so avoid inapplicable hashtags. Do your homework on this one as we’re all aware of some of the recent hashtag fails, including the one this past fall from the Dallas Cowboys.

4.  Include photos on twitter, too.

You may think pictures are for Instagram and Facebook, but you can spice up your Twitter with images as well! It can be hard for users to visualize what the link you post will lead them to, so make no mistake about it. Include a photo to increase click-throughs.

5.  Let time pass between updates.

Remember that you are not the only person that your fans follow. Don’t overwhelm them with a constant stream of posts from you. Instead, make your fans look forward to your posts because they’re so good. They can’t look forward to something that is just there every time they login, so space out the posts.

Tip: (Facebook posts should come once every other day; Twitter posts not more than once an hour; LinkedIn posts not more than once a day.)

6.  Follow the 4-1-1 rule.

Andrew Davis, who wrote Brandscaping, is responsible for this brilliant social media tip. Basically, if you do favors for others, they will be more likely to help you out when you ask. So, for every 6 posts, share (relevant) content from your influencer group 4 times, 1 original piece of your own, and 1 sales-related piece.

7.  Experiment!

If you find one of these rules doesn’t work for you, stop using it! Just make sure you do take the time to figure out what does work for you. Also, don’t dismiss a rule until you’ve tested it. Take the time to figure out what is best for you and your click-through rate and stick to it.

(Tip: Don’t forget that social media changes over time. So be adaptable!)


You may not be able to increase your fan-base overnight, but you can optimize your click-through rates by following these tips. These will help bring more social media traffic to your website fairly quickly, so don’t wait!

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