Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Business – Part 2

Growing your business means investing in your own growth and development.

It’s important to continue to broaden your horizons and while it’s true that there is tremendous value in the school of hard knocks and doing, there’s also value in learning from others who’ve already made the mistakes you’re about to make. A well-rounded approach contains lessons from each side.

Last week, we talked about local networking and small business resources here in Southern California and the value connecting with other people.  Today’s list of resources is more about helping you stretch yourself and personal growth to help you in your business.

I’ve used all of the resources below to help me take my skills and development to the next level.  Coaching and mastermind groups are an excellent way to get support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.  And using these kinds of resources is not a point of weakness, but a point of strength in knowing that if you surround yourself with people of like skills and aspirations you’ll begin to understand the steps required for success.

There are several ideas listed below to help you think about taking advantage of the resources around you.  Take one or more and use it to push you to the next level.

  • Join a Mastermind Group—This is a group of like-minded individuals who come together for growth and support.  Groups typically have a leader
  • Open Networking Group—These are groups like your local Chamber of Commerce, Meet-ups, or even LinkedIn groups that meet live or on-line to network and share information.
  • Closed Networking Group—A closed networking group means that each profession is represented only once and organizations like Business Network International and Le Tip fit into this category.
  • Employ a Business Coach—Using a business coach can certainly help you stretch yourself to meet those outstanding goals and objectives and provide you support, guidance, and accountability along the way.
  • Take a professional association course or a college level course—A professional designation or continuing education credits help to keep your mind sharp and keep you abreast of new trends and rules that may be coming up in your industry.
  • Webinar—A webinar is a cost-effective way to learn new tools and skills and to do so on a time budget because there’s no travel involved.  It’s harder to network at on-line events like this but it can still be done.
  • Professional Association Meeting—Most professional associations hold meetings on a monthly basis that usually include a speaker so there’s an education component along with networking.
  • Reading industry related books or magazines—Time and budgets are always a factor when it comes to investing in yourself so reading the latest information on your industry written by the experts helps to keep your skills and education current.
  • Attending industry conferences or trade shows—While these events do usually come with a hefty price tag, both monetarily and time-wise, they also can provide significant benefit in understanding new trends and how others are finding success.

I’d love to hear about any other opportunities you might suggest could be added to our list here.  While I like to get out and meet people and find new connections, the time and budget aren’t always there.  You can share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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