Is it Social Media or Word of Mouth Marketing? 4 Tips to Build Word of Mouth.

A lot of small businesses think that social media is the magic bullet that will solve all their marketing problems.  Every week, I hear people ask questions like “Should I be using Twitter to market my business?   Is Facebook better than Twitter?”   The fact is that social media is a communication tool.  And regardless of the tools that you use to communicate, it’s challenging and requires work.

The idea behind this kind of communication is to actually build a connection with your followers. Social media is about developing  a relationship and engaging in dialogue.  And the idea behind developing this relationship is that if you do this properly and continue to engage on a regular basis and provide valuable and educational content, this kind of engagement will take the selling out of your business. 

Social media marketing is word of mouth marketing.
The tools will change over time, but the personal connection should be maintained.

In order to develop a connection, you’ve got to communicate on a consistent and regular basis.  Creating a connection with your readers means revealing your passion for what you do and letting your true and authentic personality come through.  Like all marketing communications, what you say should help you develop trust and credibility with your readers.  And if it doesn’t, you need to rethink the kind of information you’re sharing.

With social media, we are still using digital media to do the communicating, but we can’t lose site of the fact that we’re still dealing with people.   And at the end of the day, people buy from people and people want to buy from people.  Here are some tips to help you make that personal connection to build your word of mouth marketing.

1.  Think like a person when you’re using these tools.  Listen when you’re online.  When you interact, ask questions, be curious and engaged and think about how you can be helpful and what you can share to be helpful. 

2.  Be consistent.  Post on a regular basis and establish a routine so people know when to expect information from you.  If you’re absent for long periods of time, people will forget about you.

3.  Create a personal connection.  In order to do that, you have to share some personal information.  People like to know that you’ve experienced the same challenges they have.  Tell them how you got started in the business and talk about the mistakes you made along the way and share what you learned.  If you share, they will share, and be sure to comment on what they’re sharing and thank them for sharing.

4.  Share the experience of doing business with you.  Break that experience down into small pieces of digestible information that shows how exciting you are to work with.  Think about photographs, posting client comments, information about events, and posting exciting client results.   The idea here is to get your followers to connect with the experience and talk about it online and offline. 

Marketing is building trust with a prospect.  Social media marketing is simply using digital technology to communicate.  Technology will change over time and the next group of tools will come and go, but if you focus on connecting with the people, the tools will all make sense.  And your word of mouth marketing will be even more powerful. 

What can you do to make your word of mouth marketing even better?


  • Good tips – thanks for sharing. Regarding word of mouth, when you have your customers giving a good review or sharing the product with someone else, it sells itself. My business uses OpinionAmp as a proactive way to use real customer reviews to market our product online. Once you put the advertising in the hands of your clients, they’ll sell the product for you. You can’t beat online positive reviews – no better advertising than a happy client!

  • Thanks Jill. You’re so right. And having those reviews easily accessible like that on your site is perfect for helping conversions.

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