Is Your Brand Authentic?

I coach a number of clients through the process of creating marketing materials for their business.  And I often suggest that they tell their story—talk about how they got into their business and how they developed an interest in what they’re doing.  Surprisingly, many come back to me and say that they think that no one is interested in this information and no one will read it.  It happened again just last week.

I encourage business owners to tell their story because it helps to create and develop their brand and the authenticity that only they can bring to the business because it’s real.  Your customers and prospects are interested in knowing how you developed your passion for baking pies or designing web sites or becoming a call center expert.  Understanding the path that a business owner took helps prospects to identify with the owner and see that they are a real person just like themselves.  It also helps to develop a level of trust because you’ve put some personal information out there for others to see and hear.

Personal Branding
Stand out from the crowd.

Without understanding the nuances of the journey it took to become this great business owner, the challenge is that you probably look just like everyone else in your field.  And when you look just like the competition, the only way to tell the difference is to look at the price.  Develop the opportunity to show your differentiation by telling your story and showing it in everything you do.  It helps to develop your brand and allows prospects to immediately see how you’re different up-front rather than having them search out that information. 

Other ways to further develop your authentic brand are to be sure to include a photo of yourself on your website and in your marketing materials and on social networking sites.  Posting no photo or using an avatar suggests that there is no real person behind the company.  Put some of your personality into your work as well—maybe you use a special process that has some step that you personally created.   Name the step or the process. 

What do you do to develop authenticity in your brand?

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