Is Your Email Signature the Quality Marketing Tool It Could Be?


I’m always interested in tools that can add more value to the things we already do on a daily basis in ourbusiness.  And we all send and respond to plenty of email.  And the email signature is a tool that I think iswildly underused as a means of marketing your business and making a stronger connection to both existing clients, strategic partners, and those who are simply inquiring. 

One of my favorite tools is Wisestamp.  I use the Firefox add-on, but Wisestamp has created an add-on for the various browsers and email clients.  I’m a huge fan of running my business from the cloud, so using Google Apps for business is part of my IT solution.   And Wisestamp offers much more than the standard GMail signature can and lets you create multiple signatures so you can have both work and personal signatures.

Wisestamp also allows you to customize your signature.  I like to think of this as personalize.  Because we live in a world where we want to connect on a more personal level with those we do business with, personalizing your email signature can help you do just that and help you increase your credibility and trust at the same time.  You select the design, style, size and font, add images, etc.

With Wisestamp, you can include a headshot to help with personal recognition and it also allows you to integrate your various social channel connections to allow prospects to get to know you better.   You can even add email apps with updating dynamic content like an RSS feed to your latest blog post or news from other sites.

They offer a free version as well as a few paid for subscriptions and it takes only a few minutes to create a personalized signature.  At less than $40 a year, I think this is another no-brainer option that allows you to use your email signature as a subtle marketing tool that can provide impact.

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