Key Takeaways from Chris Brogan’s “Google+ For Business

A relatively short and practical paperback from someone with real experience playing with social networks.

We couldn’t have asked for this book to come from a better source than Chris Brogan — someone with real experience playing with social networks and understanding how to use a network like this for business.  And that’s really the value of this book and that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

As a business owner, I certainly don’t need another thing to do and neither do you, but Brogan’s comments about Google itself and its potential for relationships to the other Google tools certainly make some sense.  And I’m much more interested in relationship-minded business as opposed to transactional business.  Driving home the point about sharing a taste of your personal life hits home for me because I could probably do a little more in that regard.

I wanted to understand why anyone would say Google+ for business might be better than several other well known social tools.  Brogan’s point is driven home when he talks about combining this tool with Google’s position as a search engine.  With that in mind, having a Google+ page for your business makes even more sense, especially knowing that you can simply go to Google search and key in “+” next to a business name and you’ll find the branded business page on Google+.

Something else I really like about this book is that Brogan consulted several users who shared their Google+ routine and he also provided some fictitious day-in-the-life of suggestions as to how a number of other businesses and professionals could use the tool.  For me, it’s important to understand the practical nature of any tool and these examples demonstrate a number of simple ways to use the tool to develop and nurture online relationships.

One of the key mentions Brogan makes toward the end of the book suggests that, again, with a social tool like this, those that are early to the party are sure to get the biggest benefit.  And I, too, think that’s very true.

If you’re still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about, take a quick read through this relatively short and practical paperback.

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