Lead Generation–Making Your Website Work For You

lead generationLead generation – it’s a term you’ve probably heard.  It’s near and dear to everyone’s heart because it’s the life blood of growing your business.  In fact, it’s probably the number challenge prospects call me about.  And the first thing we do is take a look at the various types of lead generation a company may be involved in and see what the success levels look like.

Frequently, businesses will tell me they don’t think their web site is working for them. They say think because many businesses don’t necessarily know how to tell what kind of results its producing.

So how do you generate new leads online?  It takes a concerted effort to ensure that your web site provides the information people are looking for and that it guides the visitor through a process that helps them find their way to the answers they’re looking for.

Take a look at each component of your web site and decide if it needs an overhaul to ensure that it’s working effectively for lead generation.

Home Page

Your home page is a key player in lead generation.  Be sure to emphasize the problems that your products and services can solve for customers.  Let your customers know why they can’t live without you.  Also, highlight your latest content, or in some cases, your best content.  Be sure your customers can easily access this content from your homepage, so that they can discover even more about your company.  Then, optimize this content to catch the customer’s eye:  make it witty, short, and memorable.  Utilize visuals that will catch the customer’s eye.

And don’t forget to make an attempt to capture those leads.  The hardest part is getting traffic to your site.  Once you’ve started to make that happen, then you want to ensure that you’re capturing those leads.  Be sure to offer ways to provide additional valuable information for your visitors in exchange for the opportunity to continue to communicate with them.  Always be sure to include a way for customers to opt in to your content on your homepage.

Website Content

Use headlines that grab your readers’ attention.  Talk about the problems customers face and link them to the solutions and other benefits that your company can provide.  Be clear in your calls to action and make them prominent – bold them, etc.  Be clear yet concise in your copy, you don’t want to bore your readers with a ton of extra verbiage.

Short paragraphs are the most visually appealing.

Utilize easy to read fonts, as well as subheadings, bullet points, and bolded lines that include the most important information.  Always include images that will catch the readers’ eye.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to capture leads and if you’re after new leads, you’re going to want to use landing pages to do it.  Always include your logo somewhere on your landing page, as well as a clear, concise, memorable headline.  Only include one call to action per landing page – because that’s the only thing you want them to do when they arrive.  Give your readers an incentive to respond to your offer, some sort of bonus that will make them want to opt in.

  • Use bullet points so they can scan easily.
  • Always use visuals!
  • Include a testimonial as unbiased proof of your ability to solve their problems.
  • Use a short lead capture form:  just get their name and email.  You can get their other details at some point in the future.
  • After they submit their email, direct them to a thank you page, and perhaps detail a related offer there.

For more detail on the specifics of building landing pages that work, take a look at post addressing landing pages specifically.

Product/Service Pages

Develop strong calls to action for each product/service page.  Display them prominently.  Make your contact information clear on every page.  As in so many other places, point out the problem that your customers have that your company can fix.  Visitors don’t really care about you or your products and services—they really just care about how you can help them.  Be sure that your copy details your ability to deliver some set of results or outcomes that address the kinds of problems they have.

Lead generation is among the most important practices in any business.  Without it, you might as well forget about all the other work you’re doing to make your website attractive, etc., because without generating leads for yourself, the traffic to your site will eventually peter out altogether.  So use these simple tips to enhance the effectiveness of your web site and if you’re looking for more information on lead generation, you can read about how content marketing generates new leads.

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