More Ways to Build Trust–Saved the Best for Last

Following the Duct Tape Marketing definition of marketing is getting those with a need to know, like and trust you.  I recently wrote a post detailing ways to build trust with prospects and I said I’d provide some additional tips in a post this week.  If you’re still working on growing your relationship with prospects, think about implementing some of these ideas to help you grow your business:

Focus on Educating and try to resist selling.  One of the best ways to build trust with a prospect is to continually educate them about your industry.  The more you can educate a prospective client about your industry, the more they will trust you.  The more trust you create with the prospect, when they reach the tip of the buying cycle, the more likely they are to buy from you.  After all, you taught them everything they needed to know.

Positive PR is a great way to build trust.  While positive PR isn’t something you can create overnight, it is incredibly powerful so you should be incorporating PR into your marketing plan at all times.  PR’s impact comes from the fact that it’s written by an objective third party—which means that you get to piggyback on the trust and credibility that the reporter has.

Practicing what you preach is probably the most critical detail in building trust.  If you don’t believe enough in what you say to actually do it yourself, you’ll have a tough time convincing others to trust that you know what you’re talking about.

What other tools and tips do you use to build trust with your prospects?

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