Need Blogging Inspiration?

Yesterday I spoke to a group of Senior Care Service Providers about the value of blogging for small business owners.  And no matter when I talk about blogging, people’s biggest fear is what to write about.  Regardless of the business or industry you are in, there are topics galore to write about.  Here are some suggestions if you find yourself without a blog topic.

1.  Talk with your customers and provide the answers to the questions on their minds.  You could ask for questions on your website or in your newsletter and then publicly publish the answers.  If someone is asking about it, chances are many people are interested in the same information.

2. Read other blogs in your industry.  Frequently that will stir up some ideas for your own post.  It might be that you have a different opinion that one you just read or you have an alternative take on the value of a new trend in your industry.  Reading what the other experts in your field have to say should, no doubt, create some ideas for you.

3. Read other blogs completely unrelated to your industry.  Sometimes you come across a concept or idea that relates well to your industry.   I did this just recently as I was reading some information about time management and it gave me the revelation to write a post about not having time to market your company.   

4. Flip through some magazines.  Sometimes the pictures themselves will develop some ideas.

5. Technology in your industry.  With time-saving devices and technology influencing so many things we do, there are likely some techno gadgets in your field that you could provide an overview on, a user’s review or just as an FYI that these gadgets are out there.  You could write tips for use or details on best practices, just write information about 5 new tools in your industry.

What other sources of inspiration can you think of?


  • I like item #3 and the example you gave.

    One thing I do is combine #3 and #4 by going to used bookstores and buying trade/industry magazines. I’ve found everything from restaurant to event planning magazines and found them quite helpful for ideas.

  • Thanks Robert. Used bookstores are a wealth of inspiration because you end up looking at things you traditionally wouldn’t bother with. Thanks for your comment.

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