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At WH & Associates, we specialize in B2B marketing. Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of small technology companies: several
software re-sellers in the ERP space, various enterprise software offerings as well as consulting companies in the technology space.

The companies we work with usually have a few years experience and have decided it’s time to commit to some routine, consistent marketing activities. They’ve learned the hard way–once and done marketing or start and stop marketing, just doesn’t work.

All of our clients have done some marketing in the past. They understand that it does require budget commitment and a concerted effort. Unfortunately, most of their efforts have been met with limited success because they just don’t have the time and skill set necessary to know the tools and tactics that can deliver the best value for their company.

We’ve established a set of tools and practices designed around the characteristics of the B2B sale:

  • the longer sales cycle
  • the significant / higher risk, larger investment
  • group buying decisions

outsource inhouseOur clients understand that they need to do regular and consistent marketing, and they’ve established a budget to commit to that activity.  They need advanced marketing skills so the junior level marketing coordinator isn’t going to have the experience and know-how to deliver the results they’re looking for. In most cases, they don’t have the budget to hire a skilled, experienced employee, and still have money left to market.  In most cases, our clients don’t need a full-time employee either.

They need someone that can guide them to the right mixture of tactics that will help them deliver results.

Keep in mind, results take time.  Depending on the marketing assets the company already has, most companies should expect to commit 12 months to this process.  If you’re expecting results much faster than that, then we recommend you have an extremely healthy budget to do some advanced tactics.

If you’re ready to commit the budget and time it takes to growing your business, start out with a complimentary marketing audit to see if we’re a good fit.

Our marketing audit takes about 5 minutes to fill out.  Then we do a 30 to 45 minute phone consultation with you to discuss what you’ve been doing, the successes you already have that we can build on, and the opportunities you have to create future growth.

You can find our marketing audit here.

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