Outsourcing B2B Content Marketing–How to Decide If It’s Right

Outsourcing B2B content marketing
Outsourcing content marketing is a tough decision.

Outsourcing B2B content marketing is a trough decision.  But like many other business functions, it’s often a good financial decision to outsource. Unless you’re particularly skilled in a given business task, or you already have someone within your organization who is, outsourcing allows you to focus your time on the highest value skills you have. Still, the decision of whether to outsource is sometimes challenging.

Here are some tips to help you decide if outsourcing B2B content marketing is right for your company.

Evaluate Your Current Expertise. The first step is to evaluate your current expertise for B2B marketing. How effective have you been in reaching your goals? Do you feel confident in creating the right types of content that will be most effective for the kinds of marketing campaigns necessary for your business? Be sure to include the expertise of anyone else who’s currently on your staff and has the time and resources available to handle this work.

For many organizations, it’s specific skills like writing and technical know-how that are deficient and challenging to bring in-house. If you find that your current capabilities aren’t enough to help you meet your B2B content marketing targets, then it’s probably time to consider outsourcing that function.

Calculate Your Current Expenditures. Even if you do have the expertise in-house to run successful B2B content marketing campaigns, the next step is to calculate how much it costs for you to do so. Don’t limit your calculation to direct costs such as salary, research fees, technology fees, etc. Also take into account what you (and/or the other staff working on these projects) could be doing instead of B2B content marketing.

By thinking broadly, in terms of opportunity costs, you may find that outsourcing your content marketing function makes sense because it lets you and other key members of your team focus on things that will contribute more to your company’s success.

Evaluate Your Enjoyment for the Process. It’s also important to be honest in evaluating how much you actually enjoy the process of B2B marketing. Obviously, as a business owner, you are going to make sure all the work that needs to be done gets done, even if you aren’t particularly fond of it. But it would be a mistake to completely ignore the importance of enjoying what you do.

If you don’t enjoy creating content, or enjoy other aspects of your business more, you’re simply not going to be as efficient or effective in those marketing tasks. This may be another situation where outsourcing in some capacity makes sense.

Outsource in Stages. Finally, if you’re still a bit reluctant, then you may wish to consider outsourcing only certain portions of the content marketing function. For example, you might outsource certain discrete and self-contained research projects, the tagging or classification of your existing content library, tasks relating to reporting and analytical data gathering, or re-purposing some of your existing content (turning blog posts or product manuals into a series of promotional emails, for example).

By taking this smaller step, you’ll be able to realize efficiency gains from outsourcing, while still being completely comfortable with the scope of outsourcing. And over time you may decide to outsource even more of that work.

If it’s time for your organization to think about outsourcing some of your content marketing functions, take our marketing audit.  It will help you understand which of the marketing functions might be ready for consideration.

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