At WH & Associates, we provide both marketing coaching and consulting for the small business.  We present proven tactics to help you systematically build your business, accountability and advice when you need it, and creative and execution expertise if you need help with the implementation. 

Coaching is available on a group or individual basis and is designed to teach our clients how to develop a marketing plan for their business. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

A Marketing Coach will help you understand why you need to do what we’re recommending, help you understand what is holding you back from doing it, make you accountable, and stand alongside you as you implement the plan.

A Marketing Consultant will explain why one method or concept is better than another, detail the best practices, and if necessary, create and implement that plan for you. 

Which is best for you—coaching or consulting?  It really depends upon your budget, time, and goals for your business.