Marketing Consultant

In an effort to assist clients in understanding some of the material that a quality marketing plan should include, we have prepared a number of pre-packaged marketing services to map into your business requirements regardless of your current stage of business.

  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Kit
  • Referral Marketing System
  • Top of Mind Program
  • Marketing Material Audit
  • Email Campaigns

Strategic Marketing Plan

One of the most challenging marketing tasks can be identifying and developing your strategy.  The critical components of a marketing strategy are a specific target market and identifying and communicating a core difference that separates you from your competition.  With some market analysis and contact with 7 to 10 of your existing clients, we will do the following:

  • identify a target market
  • develop a core difference or Unique Selling Proposition
  • provide a report on the recommended methods of marketing communication for your business as well as some suggested content for each method

Marketing Kit

A package of content about your company used to introduce yourself and your company.  It’s designed to educate prospects about the benefits of doing business with you.  The kit contains a compilation of well-crafted, single pages of information that help you present the best possible case for why a prospect would buy from you.  Your marketing kit will include the following:

  • your case statement
  • your difference summary
  • ideal client description
  • details on your product or service offerings
  • testimonials

Marketing Material Audit

We will provide an in-depth analysis of your current marketing materials and sales kit.  We will make sure you have focused message, a targeted audience, and persuasive messaging that will propel your propsects to the next step of the sales process.  We’ll provide you with a report that clearly shows the gaps and helps you prioritize where to spend future marketing dollars.

You just need to send us:

  • your business card
  • a company brochure
  • Up to 3 additional pieces of marketing/sales collateral

Referral Marketing System

Referral marketing is a specific set of strategies and tools designed to actively bring the business owner new clients, qualified leads, and repeat business.  To get better referrals, you need to target your prime referral sources and educate those sources about your business to provide quality leads. We will work with you to develop the strategies and tools for your Referral Marketing System as well as the components it should include.  Clients will emerge with a Referral Marketing System that includes the following:

  • Identification of a Target Referral Market
  • Design of a Referral Education System
  • Design of a Referral Conversion Strategy—the steps that allow you to convert your leads

Top of Mind Program

A Top of Mind program is designed to do just that—keep your business Top of Mind with both prospects and existing clients.  If you’re not keeping in regular and consistent contact with your prospects and clients, you risk having the competition sweep in and take over.  We will develop a marketing calendar designed to keep you in touch with your most valuable asset.  We’ll also make some recommendations about tools to help you make this program more efficient and effective.  We’ll establish what you need to do be doing every day, every week, every month, and every year to build a strong funnel of demand for your business at all times.

Email Campaigns

This service is designed as a kick-off and includes training to move you to doing email campaigns on your own in the future.

  • We will work with you to develop the strategy for your communication, including how often it should go out, what components it should include, and its look and format.
  • We’ll help you choose a third-party software, set it up for you and create a template.
  • After receiving your content, we will review it, suggest improvements, reformat it and insert it into the template.
  • We’ll export your contact list and then import it for you into your new third party software.
  • We’ll give you advice on how to continuously grow your list with qualified leads.
  • We do the initial deployment for you and review the reports that are created and their results with you.
  • We will train you and your staff on how to use the system and set-up processes to measure the effectiveness of your communication pieces.

(Note: Our program fees do not include the cost of third-party software, which typically runs about $20 to $30 per month.)

We also offer hourly consulting on other marketing-related topics like Customer Relationship Management Tools.  Just call us to discuss.