Summer School for Small Business–Session 3–Building a Client Experience

Celebrating Small Business Week 2012

We all know how important it is to have a point of differentiation.  And without a point of differentiation, the first thing your prospects are going to ask you about is price.  And that’s the last thing you want to compete on.

But how do you establish some level of differentiation when so many others out there do the same thing as you?  Think about Building a Client Experience.  The client experience is something that others will talk about.

Delivering a WOW! Experience starts with looking at any and all touch points in your business.  Think about the typical ways people enter your business and then think about what you can do to enhance those experiences.

We’ll talk about and elaborate on the number of ways that you can build a WOW! Experience that people will talk about.

Join us on Friday, July 13th at The Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza for this one-of-a-kind marketing education.

There will be prizes and plenty of actionable ideas for you to incorporate into your business.

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