Simple Tips for Press Release Writing for Businesses

press release writingRegular Press Release writing should be part of any marketing plan in today’s digital world.  For details on why it’s an important marketing tactic, click here.

The internet has become the dominant source of distribution for press releases now, so it’s important to understand how that affects what you may or may not include in a press release today versus 10 years ago. The fundamentals of press release writing haven’t changed at all, but there are some additional points to keep in mind that are a direct result of internet distribution.

Below you’ll find a checklist of items to consider whenever you’re pulling together a press release.

Cover the Five Ws.  Like any other news story, the five Ws are important:  who, what, where, why and when.

Tell a story.  As with other news, be sure to tell a story in every press release.  If you’re able to add a human interest spin, this always makes it more interesting to the reader and much more memorable.

Keyword research.  When writing your press release, be sure to include some of the key words that are important and relevant in your industry.  Add the keywords with the highest ranking at the top of your press release as they’re more likely to get picked up if they appear at the top.

Promote your press release.  Be sure to share your press releases with your client and strategic partner community.  The reason for writing the release was to make people aware of  your recent news in the first place so you want to be sure to share it them on several fronts.  Be sure to include the press release in your online archive on your web site so new visitors to your site have the opportunity to see what other kinds of news-worthy information you’ve shared over the years.

Include links to social media profiles and video if possible.  With press releases being distributed on the internet now, it’s very easy to include links to social media profiles and online video.  And with each of these having an important impact on how your company connects with customers and prospects today, you want to give them plenty of options to stay in touch.

Call to Action.  As with other communication materials, including a call to action in your press release is considered good practice today.  You want to be sure to tell the reader exactly what step to take next should they have an interest in what you offer.  The call to action could be to go to click a link for a special report, sign up for your newsletter, or to call for more information.

It makes good solid sense for press release marketing to be a routine and consistent piece of your marketing plan.  Distributing press releases on a monthly or quarterly basis is something to strive for.  Like any other marketing tactic, you’ll want to strategically plan your press releases to ensure you’re getting maximum value and exposure for your business.

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