Social Media–Should You Outsource?

As social media becomes a more and more important part of marketing, I am often asked ‘Should I outsource my social media?’ or comments like ‘I just don’t have the time to dedicated to this.’  No question, social media, like all marketing, takes a financial commitment and, even more so, a time commitment. 

Social media really can be an incredibly cost effective marketing tool in the sense that there are many no-cost  and low cost options out there.  But the amount of time it takes to develop your social media strategy and post to the many social media sites needs also to be considered.  Your time is money and you need to be aware of the opportunity cost involved.  So naturally, business owners already wearing many hats including management, HR, and finance, consider hiring someone to perform their social media activities. 

In some cases, this may work, but is it the right thing to do?  No matter what, the information that is posted on your social media sites needs to represent the true views and values of your company and to also reflect the personality of your company.  And when you outsource, you risk having your company’s on-line personality compromised and your content may no longer appear ‘authentic’.  For small businesses, the challenge then is that your clients and customers who bought from you initially because they liked you and your company and what it stands for, may be turned off.  People buy from people, and your company will carry your personality and values and that should be carried through in your social media.  After all, that’s what drew clients to you in the first place.  Now that you’re outsourcing, are you still able to project that same kind of passion and authenticity?

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