Storytelling as an Effective Marketing Tool

Storytelling is a powerful and effective means of communicating.  It engages the audience to help them remember facts and information about you and your company.

In developing marketing materials that educate, I always encourage my clients to do a little storytelling about themselves because it’s also an effective means of building trust.  And marketing is ultimately about gaining trust.

Storytelling is an important technique that can be used when writing sales letters, blogs or articles.  You’ve seen me take a number of examples from my own life and tell a story about it to demonstrate my point and create credibility with the products and services I’m selling.  The value of adding a story into your article is that it makes your information even more memorable for your audience and gives them someone or something to identify with even after the article is gone or the email is deleted.

The key to using stories effectively is to show your clients you understand the problem or the situation.  Take situations you have encountered yourself or with clients to create your story.  Use your own experiences or customer testimonials with your product or service to build your story library.  Your clients will be able to relate to other client situations helping you to make the sale.

Here are some simple rules to follow to make your storytelling effective.

1. You have to have a point.  The story you tell has to be relevant and have a clear point that delivers some value to the topic at hand.

2. Have an objective.  You need both a point and an objective and they aren’t the same thing.  Your objective is the outcome you’re looking for—like a sale.

3. Be brief.  Don’t add in any unnecessary detail. After you’ve written your story, test it by deleting some of the detail to see if it adds any real value to the point you’re trying to make.

4. Create emotion.  Stories are useful in allowing you to share emotions and create a bond with your reader.   Use stories to let your reader know you understand their situation and can empathize with them as you’ve been in that situation as well.  The stories will help you develop a friendship with your reader that separates you from all the other sales pitches they’ve received today.

Go out there and tell a great story!

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