Storytelling for Businesses–A Useful B2B Marketing Tool

Below, I’ve included an interesting infographic from Fathom that goes into detail about the power of storytelling for businesses.  I’ve written a few posts on storytelling as an effective marketing tool, but the most important reason for doing so is to make you and your company memorable.

This is a great tool for B2B companies too.  You just need to take a few minutes and build a strategy around how you might employ the tool.  Think about your existing client base and some of their experiences as well as your experience in building the business.  These are the things that create that emotional and personal connection that inspire people to take action.  Think about the kinds of stories you can tell that can encourage the kind of action of action you’re looking for.

Check out the infographic to help you further understand the value of the story.  Good stories help people see the human side of a brand which helps to create a stronger connection.

storytelling for businesses


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