Summer School for Small Business. Is it Time?

We’re well into the second quarter of 2012 and summer is just around the corner.  And for many businesses, summer is a bit of down time, so why not take some time off and enjoy it?  But what about taking that opportunity to get out in front of something you’ve been meaning to do for awhile?  You could learn something new, take on a special project or take some time to implement a few simple marketing projects to help you take on those goals you set out for 2012.

Summer School for Small Business
Summer is a great time to take action.

If your business tends to be a little slower in the summer, now is the perfect time to start planning one of those projects that’s been on your ‘to do’ list for awhile.  For example, I know that many of you keep saying you’re going to pull together some case studies and some testimonials that help prospects understand the kinds of results you deliver.  I also hear you say you’re going to start really nurturing your leads and build a process around it, but you never get to it.  And I keep suggesting you put some notes down on paper with something that equates to your marketing routine.  If you put it down on paper, you have a much better chance of helping it to come to alive.

What if there was a program that showed you how to do these things and then helped you through the process of actually doing it?  It’s part education and part accountability, and you know you need it.  I know I need it. That’s why I employ the professional help of a coach and a mastermind group.  It makes me be accountable to me to go after the things I want and get these things done.  And if I have to pay for it to make myself commit to it, so be it.  It will help me get it done and that’s a better investment in growing my business.

I’ve been asked about this kind of program for a while so I’ve created it to help you get some of these things done too.  And it’s called Summer School for Small Business.  It’s 5 sessions in total.  But the key here is to take action.  Each session has a specific topic and some specific actions that we’ll start together.  I’ll check in with you to see how you’re doing between sessions and at our next session, you’ll report back on your accomplishments.

Now’s the perfect time to start taking on some of those larger projects and planning out the rest of your year.  Check out our Summer School for Small Business which will be hosted by The Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza.  You can also see our more intensive programs right here.

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