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Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Marketing Anymore

There are lots of reasons why you can’t ignore mobile marketing anymore, but here’s the biggest reason. Whenever you walk outside in a big city around lunchtime, you know that you’ll see lots of professionals on their lunch breaks.  However, today it’s different than it was twenty years ago.  Twenty years ago, unless these professionals…

Your Checklist to Better Web Site Conversions better web site conversions

Your Checklist to Better Web Site Conversions

Web site conversions can take many different forms depending on your business and are an extremely important metric for keeping track of performance. For B2B organizations, there are a number of items on this checklist that can help to ensure the traffic on your site is sticking around and taking action that you can record….

Best Marketing Books of 2013 best marketing books of 2013

Best Marketing Books of 2013

This is my personal list of the best marketing books of 2013.  Like any professional, it’s important to continue to read and look for ongoing education opportunities.  And this year, I’ve come across several business and marketing books that I’ve found extremely motivating and helpful.  So here’s my look at the year in review in…

Customer Retention–How To Keep Your Customers customer retention

Customer Retention–How To Keep Your Customers

There are several marketing methods and tactics to consider that are specifically focused on ways to promote customer retention. Recognizing that it’s certainly less expensive to keep the clients  that you do have is step one.  After that, it’s about execution and actually creating messaging and opportunities for communication to keep those customers coming back. The most…

Building a Client Experience client experience

Building a Client Experience

Building marketing strategy is about identifying your ideal client and being able to communicate how you’re different from the competition.  And for many small business owners, creating an element of differentiation is very challenging. Where do you start? The diagram below details a concept from Duct Tape Marketing known as The Marketing HourglassTM.  The concept is similar…