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5 Simple Steps For Handling Negative On-line Reviews

With all the social networking and on-line review sites out there, I hear a number of businesses indicate that they are reluctant to create profiles and interact for fear of a negative review or feedback.  It seems most small business owners aren’t sure how to handle negative or less than flattering feedback that’s been posted…

5 Lessons I’ve Learned Using Social Media

This week, I’ll be speaking with a colleague of mine about using Social Media to market your business.  Because this event includes providing some tips and tools, I decided I’d write a post about the Social Media lesions I’ve learned so far.     1. We live in an Interactive Economy.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before,…

5 Ways to Build Trust

 As you’ve heard me say before, marketing is about getting prospects to know, like and trust you.  And the critical piece is trust because the next logical step is to buy when the need arises.  We’re always searching for more ways to build trust, and here’s a list of suggestions to consider incorporating into your marketing plan. 1….