Top 10 Tech Gifts for 2013

tech gifts for 2013I love this list of tech gifts for 2013.  It seems like every year I struggle to find the perfect gift for my clients and friends.  I can always pinpoint a general idea of what I want to get a person, but then when it comes to choosing a specific gift within a category, I always seem to draw a blank.  So, I’ve put together a top ten list for you to spare you some of the difficulty of gift shopping.  I like the technology stuff, so here’s my collections of  the top ten tech gadget gifts for Christmas 2013.

  1. SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive, $60.  This flash drive is unlike your average flash drive.  Yes, it connects to computers so that you can transfer files and photos from one device to the other, but it also gives you wireless mobile access.  This means that you don’t have to plug this flash drive in to your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. to access the files.  And, you don’t even need internet to access them, simply download the SanDisk app and open that at any time to access all of the files on the flash drive immediately.
  2. Google Chromecast, $35.  Chromecast allows you to stream movies, videos, and music that you normally have to watch on your computer to your TV.  Chromecast looks almost like a flash drive, so all you have to do is connect it to your TV, then use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to choose the entertainment you want to watch.  You don’t even have to use a remote.  At just $35, this is a steal.
  3. Anker USB Car Charger, $11.  Compatible with both Apple and Android phones, the Anker USB car charger allows you to power two different devices at once.  This car charger doesn’t have just one USB port, but two, making it easy for two passengers on a long road trip (or a short one for that matter) to have access to their devices the entire time.  A great bargain for the price.
  4. Nike Fuelband SE, $149.  The Nike Fuelband SE looks like an athletic wristband, and counts your steps and motions to give you an idea of how active you were each day via the Nike Fuel Points system.  The Fuelband can be worn in the shower, and connects to your wireless devices via an app, making it easy to track your fitness progress at any time of the day.  The special edition (SE) boasts Bluetooth connectivity, so that the syncing of data is faster and smoother.
  5. Portable Charging Card, $25.  The size of a credit card, the Nomad Charge Card fits easily in your pocket and acts as a charging device.  All you have to do is pop out the USB strip and then plug it in to either a wall adapter or a computer, and then plug the other side in to your phone.  A great gift for those that dislike dealing with tangled cords.
  6. Texting Gloves, various prices.  Perfect for my friends and family in the Great White North or anyone that deals with cold on a regular basis, these gloves allow you to interact with your touchscreen phone in spite of the cold.  The gloves are woven with silver coated nylon fibers in addition to the other fabrics that keep your hands warm, which is what allows you to use a touchscreen even with them on.  The gloves are more flexible than most because of the spandex material.
  7. Sleepmask to capture your dreams, $95.  This is the ultimate gift for the person who really does have everything.  This mask helps the wearer to increase the frequency of lucid dreams, or dreams when you are actually aware that you are dreaming.  The wearer simply dons the mask before going to sleep, and then during the sleep cycle, Remee Sleepmask will flash a series of LED lights that are not bright enough to wake you up, but will help you to realize that you’re dreaming.  You can experience a world you never thought you would with the Remee sleepmask, a great gift for the dreamers on your list.
  8. The perfect gift for the minimalist, $20.  The Aluratek mini surge dual USB charging station is a great gift for any minimalist that hates to deal with excess cords or anyone who makes Starbucks their office.  This simple wall adapter plugs in to the wall without any cords, and protects up to five devices from surges:  three that plug into outlets, and two that plug into USB ports.
  9. PowerPot V, $135.  A great gift for a camper, the PowerPot V not only serves as a pot in which to cook your oatmeal, but as a thermoelectric generator.  The device utilizes the heat to create electricity and consequently power any device that runs off a USB.  Perfect for the super-connected person who also likes to get off the beaten path.  Comes with a flame resistant cable, and can completely recharge a phone in under an hour and a half.
  10. The Firestarter, $11.  Confession—I just thought this was kind of cool but I’m not really sure I know anyone I’d give it to.  It’s the Bear Grylls Fire Starter from Gerber.  On a lanyard, two watertight compartments house the tinder and the metal striker, making it easy to start a fire no matter the weather.  The lanyard also includes a whistle that may come in handy while camping as well.

Some are super-practical and some are just downright odd.  So which is your favorite?  And what would you add to this year’s technology gift list?

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