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Take advantage of the great content you already have.

I’ve been talking a good deal about blogging lately because I’ve seen how powerful blogging can be for your business. Regular and consistent writing helps you to become more of an expert in your industry and the more educational and valuable content you add to your website, the more traffic you’ll direct to that web site.

Once small business owners get in the groove and make a commitment to blogging on a regular basis, the one challenge they still face is what to write about. And I can attest to this as I’ve been there too. And then I came across a jackpot of dynamite blogging content—in my Outbox.

Your Outbox is an excellent source of premium content. It’s full of questions that your clients and prospects are asking and because they’re questions your audience is asking, you already know it’s valuable and wanted information.

And it’s inherently key word rich which is a complete bonus. You may also find that your work doesn’t even need a whole lot of editing because you’ve taken care to be thorough when you initially wrote up the detail. Your outbox is chocked full of answers, tools, and recommendations that are consistent with the kinds of conversations and recommendations that you would typically make.

Take advantage of the great content you already have and make the most of it by making a commitment to share as much of it as you can on your blog on a regular basis.

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