The Best Way to Get More Referrals

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I write a post on getting more referrals.  After all, Referral Marketing is the most cost effective means of growing your business.

This week’s post is on the Best Way to Get More Referrals—Ask!!!  Strangely enough, even though many of us get 50% or more of our business from referrals, most small business owners don’t actually ask for referrals.  Imagine if we did, how much would our business grow?

Questions you should ask
The Best Way to Get More Referrals--ASK!

In order to grow the amount of referral business you have, you still have to be in the mind set to remind others that you’re always looking for referrals.  When you’re at a mixer or social event, someone is bound to ask “How’s business?”.   You can easily respond, “Business is great, but I’m always looking to grow my business and I value referrals”.  This easily opens the door to set up a deeper discussion as to the types of referrals you’re looking for. 

In a recent meeting with a dentist client, we discussed the types of businesses that they refer to on a regular basis.  And while they regularly refer to specialists in their industry, it had never occurred to my client to let the specialists know specifically what kind of clients she is looking for.  While the specialists receive referrals from a number of general dentists, my client has a very specific target market.  Simply letting the specialist know what kind of patient they focus on will make the specialist think of her first when they come across that kind of patient.  And to my delight, I got a call from my dentist client late last week to let me know they just received a referral from that specialist. 

Even in situations where it might seem obvious that you’re looking for referrals, or in a situation like my dentist client, the best way to get more referrals is to ASK.  Have you asked for a referral today?

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