The Biggest Marketing Lesson I Learned from Being a Gym Rat

You may not know it, but, yes, I used to be a Gym Rat.  Many moons ago, I worked in a corporate fitness center orienting people to the facility, showing them how to use the equipment and teaching fitness classes.  It was a great job—I got to play in the space I loved, talk to people, and teach them about a topic that’s very important to me.  While I loved my job, I knew it wasn’t the industry I wanted to work in for a lifetime.  One day one of the guys I’d introduced to the facility told me his organization was looking for an entry level marketing person.  He asked if I might be interested.  It was time for a change for me and working in the technology business was a long-time curiosity of mine so I went for it.  I got the job.Building relationships

It turned out I knew many of the people in the organization I’d be working in.  I knew them from the fitness center, seeing them in the building, and a couple of charity events I had volunteered with.  And that’s when it donned on me that, while I needed to display a certain amount of intelligence in the interview to prove I had the ability to learn whatever tools might be required, it was more so about the relationship skills that were going to be required.  They tapped me because I had the ability to demonstrate I understood how to develop relationships and I understood the value of those relationships.  And that’s what marketing is all about—relationship development and getting others to trust you.  Very powerful. 

How are you using your marketing to develop relationships with your clients and prospects?

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