The Commitment Engine–Making Work Worth It

When I first heard about the Commitment Engine by John Jantsch, he warned us that this book was a little different than his previous two books.  When I heard that, I was a little worried because I liked the first book so much that I became a part of his consulting network –disclaimer.

I thought I wouldn’t connect with this new book.  Because John’s style is all about systemization and using that to produce routine and momentum in your business, I identified with his writings and loved the simplistic, yet process-oriented approach.   I was trying to imagine how you systemize anything related to your passion and still remain authentic.  Based on that, I thought that I might not appreciate this book as much as everything else he’s written.  And, boy, was I wrong.

John’s managed to take his practical approach and again has produced a step-by-step guide to building a personal commitment that your customers and community will value.  He makes it sound easy by driving you to focus only on clarity, culture and community around your business.  Jantsch gives you the important questions to ask yourself as you take inventory of what you’ve invested in your business.

He’s not talking about your financial investment though–he’s talking about your purpose and your commitment.  He’s talking about how you ensure that the time you’re spending working is well worth it.

The biggest problem with this book is that it forces you to think twice about the direction you’re taking and its effect on your business.  It forces you to think even more strategically than his previous writings.  And he draws the direct parallels to how what you’re doing impacts how you’re marketing your business.  It’s got some touchy-feely parts to it but because he brings the concepts full circle and demonstrates how a purpose-driven business is the best investment you can make in what you’re doing, I was able to get beyond that discomfort.

If you own your own business, you know the work is never done.  But this book shows us to make sure the work you’re doing is well worth it.  You can access a preview to the book and I would encourage you to take a few minutes to check out this brief TedX talk from John–it’s well worth the 5 minutes.



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