The Key To Marketing Success–The OneThing You Need To Do

Everyone always wants to know the magical formula to building marketing success.  I’m often asked ‘what one thing do you think is the key to marketing success?’  Great question–it’s kind of like asking about that one magical formula for weight loss.

key to marketing successIf you ask me for the key to marketing success–I’ll tell you.  Taking action.  I talk to a lot business owners and they tell me they’ve purchased this course or gone to that workshop or have a CRM or have an email marketing tool. Great.  So then the next question is ‘what are you doing with it?’.  And the answer most often is ‘well, nothing right now.’

Hmmm.  If you’re not doing anything with it, it’s really not going to do anything for you.  In order for you to get results from anything, you have to do something.  I know this is sounding a little like an Abbott and Costello routine, but really, if you do nothing, you should expect nothing.  If you only do something once, you still shouldn’t expect much of anything in terms of results.

Marketing a business isn’t a one-time event.  It’s about routine and consistency.  That’s how you build momentum.  Getting someone to know, like, and trust you takes time and it takes multiple connects with that prospect.  Especially with B2B sales.  Think about your typical sales cycle.

Think about the way we buy.  How often do you spend money on something you’ve only just heard about?  If it’s $29, you might go for it the first time you hear about it.  If it’s hundreds or thousands of dollars, you’re unlikely to commit until after you’ve seen some proof or something that demonstrated some level of credibility that it does what it claims to.  This needs to be built into your marketing action plan.

If you’ve been thinking about your marketing, stop thinking and start doing.  It takes some consistent and dedicated efforts.  Following a marketing system is a great solution because it tells you what you need to do.

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