The Modern Rules of Lead Generation

lead generation toolsRecently, I’ve been speaking a good deal about lead generation tools and the best ways to go about generating qualified leads.  And this is going to be different for every business–that’s why we have to understand the ideal client for a business before we get into lead generation tactics.  That’s a topic for another post which you can check out here.

But when we talk about lead generation, undoubtedly social media always enters into the discussion and the follow-on then is which social media tool is the best for lead generation.  I do think that social media is a marketing tool that all businesses should be participating in, however, I think it’s important to understand your best sources for leads and assign your time to those tasks accordingly.

Social media is like going to a networking event–it’s just an online networking event.  And who goes to a networking event to buy something?  Hardly anyone.  And the argument here is that you need to document how much time you’ll spend on social networks vs. the amount of time you’ll actually spend generating the kinds of content that generates much warmer leads.

This is why it’s important to segment your leads and understand what lead generation tools generate the best opportunities.  For example, keep your social leads in one category, create a prospect list, and what I’ll call a buyer list.  Knowing where and how these leads came to  you is important because it tells you what is working and gives you some great information about how to continue to market to these leads.

Your prospect list are those people that have come to you via landing pages or signed up for your newsletter.  They’re interested in what you have to say, but they aren’t ready to buy yet.  They don’t know enough about you, what you’re capable of and the pain isn’t strong enough yet.  But you should recognize that these people have raised their hand and want more.

Your buyer list are the people who’ve downloaded your e-books or your lead generation documents.  They’ve attended training programs or other live events that you do.  They already know you have great information and know you as a source to watch.  This is a group of much warmer leads.

The idea here is that you want to spend your time appropriately across various lead generation techniques and understand which tools and groups represent your best opportunities.  You want to allot more time to those groups who have already raised their hand.  If you’re missing the kinds of content that your prospect and buyer list look for, there’s no time like the present.

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