The Strategy Behind Your Company Press Releases–5 Points to Consider

While getting you and your business some quality media attention is an important part of any small business marketing action plan, it takes some time and effort.  Recently, we published a  5 Step Public Relations Starter Plan  to give you a process to follow, however, much of the success of that kind of plan relies on building quality relationships with media sources and that takes time.  You don’t establish trust with someone like that over night.

Consider the outcome you're looking for prior to submitting your press release.
Consider the outcome you’re looking for prior to submitting your press release.

That starter plan also suggested that regular news or press releases be part of your plan.  But what should your strategy be with the press releases that you put out there?  Great question.  Here are 5 strategic points to consider as you prepare those press releases.

1. Who is it that you want to read the news?  Answering this question will help you determine the type of press release distribution you want to use.  You can see a list of eight different online distribution services here and then you can look at the types of different distribution methods.  Is your prospect and strategic partner base really local or can you work with anyone across the country?  That will determine the geographic distribution that is best for your release.  And does the distribution service include industry trade journals or just main stream or on-line media sources?  Consider this piece carefully.  is another online press release site and they have a number of distribution options that allow you to carefully consider your strategy.

2. Adding a call to action in your press release.  If you want the readers of the press release to take a specific action, you have the opportunity to include that call to action in your press release.  If you want them to visit your website, tell them they can find out more information about you and newsworthy item by clicking on a certain link.  If you’ve launched a new product and you want people to try the product, tell them how to do that in your press release.  If it’s a new service that you’re now delivering, tell them how to find out more about the service and book an appointment.

3. Use your press releases to reaffirm your existing client base.  When you have news to announce in  your company, take copies of those press releases and send a copy to your existing clients to help reaffirm the choice they made in deciding to work with you.  Keep them abreast of the new and exciting things going on in your company. The more you involve them in your company, they more they feel like they’re an important part of the company.

4. Add those press releases to your web site’s media page.  This will help to ensure that prospects get a chance to read about the news your company is making as well.  Showing this detail to prospects helps to build your credibility as an expert in your field and tells prospects that you’re actively working to enhance the company.  It also gives you and your web site the added benefit of content that inherently includes some valuable key search terms.

5. Use the press release with your strategic partners.  Be sure to distribute the details to your strategic alliances because they certainly want to be able to share the news with their network that they have such a highly credible and worthy strategic partner.  Make sharing your press release news with your strategic partner community a must as it can only help to enhance that community as well.

While building credible back-links to your website is a great reason to include regular press releases into your marketing plan, the list of reasons is far greater than.  Be sure to consider each of these reasons as you write and distribute your press releases to ensure you’re getting the greatest benefit from your company news.

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