Tips for More Effective Testimonials

It’s Make a Referral Monday and this week’s Referral Marketing post is on testimonials.  Testimonials are very effective marketing tools.  But there’s a way to use them to make them even more effective. 

First of all, testimonials should be a part of your business process.  Just like invoicing is a part of your process, requesting a testimonial from each and every client should be part of your marketing process.  If you set the expectation up-front that a testimonial is a requirement from all clients, your also set the expectation that working with you is such an over the top experience you’ll make them to be your client even more.  (No question, you have to deliver to live up to this expectation.)

In order to get great testimonials, you have to help your clients understand what a powerful testimonial looks like. 

1. Write the testimonial for them.  Most of your clients mean well and do want to tell others about the incredible experience they had with working with you, but frequently, they don’t know what to write, how to write it, and don’t have a lot of spare time.  So to solve that, write it for them and send it to them for approval.  Simply tell them you wanted to make this easy, so you took the liberty of writing some notes down for them.  Tell them to feel free to make any adjustments they feel necessary.

2. Write the testimonial as though you’re speaking to a prospect.  Most testimonials are written as though the thoughts are being spoke to the owner of the company, but the testimonial is so much more effective if it written addressing a prospect.

3. Give a specific, measureable benefit.  Have the testimonial written such that it addresses a specific problem or frustration that was being experienced and then discuss how the product or service produced specific results.  Discuss the kinds of results that were achieved using the product or service.

4. Write in simple English.  Testimonials tend to appeal to more of an audience when they are written using simple English.  Build-up and hype tends to turn people off.

What are you doing to make sure you’re getting powerful testimonials?

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