Turning Leads into Sales–High Tech vs. High Touch

It’s Referral Monday and that means my post is about developing your Referral Marketing system.  Last week, I spoke at the California Association of Realtors Conference on Turning Leads Into Sales.  I was asked to talk about the nurturing process and include some details on new media tools that are being used for prospect nurturing.

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Presenting at the California Association of Realtors Conference

There are a slew of digital tools out there to help us keep in touch 24X7 and that’s certainly an advantage over traditional networking (at least until the hologram technology is perfected).   The other advantage is that with social networks, we can broadcast our messages literally for hundreds and thousands to see at once.

I want to, however, caution people about only using technology to connect.  The whole idea behind marketing is to build trust and credibility, and while we can do that on-line, that shouldn’t be our only means of communicating.  And as I reiterated at the conference, developing trust is critical.  Think about the level of trust you need to earn when you’re selling a $49 item or a service that’s $449.  And in the case of realtors, your clients are working with you to buy or sell the largest investments they’ll ever make, and that kind of trust you can’t build completely on-line.  Your high-tech needs to turn high-touch.

For most businesses, our relationships need to have a good mix of high-tech and high-touch engagements to build and maintain quality relationships and this is especially true of relationships with our Referral Partners.  Given our Referral Partners are people we know quite well, we sometimes  take that for granted and go for the quick digital connection, when we really need to be ensuring our engagements are high quality.

When you’re planning your mode of communication, think about high-tech vs. high-touch.  Plan your mode of contact to ensure a quality level engagement on an on-going basis.  Think about using your CRM system to record these touches and keep track. 

What’s your tech vs. touch routine?

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