Website vs. Blog–What’s the Difference?

I’m frequently asked about the benefits of blogging and why you need both a website and a blog.  Well, there are significant differences between the two and the initial purpose they serve.

The primary purpose of your web site is for communicating information about your company, how to do business with you and to facilitate sales.  It’s essentially your digital storefront.

Your website should tell people about the products and services you sell and how to do business with you.  For example, if you’re a CPA, your web site will tell people where you’re located, how they can contact you and the types of work you do–maybe personal tax planning or maybe you’re a CPA that only works with businesses.

Your blog is more about communicating the spirit or essence of your brand–what you and your company value, in addition to your behaviors.

With your blog, you might discuss various tax planning strategies, thoughts on current trends with certain deferred tax or after-tax investments.  The blog gives people the opportunity to get to know you as a living thinking person and come to know a little about your style and personality simply by the way you present your content.  Showing your personality and level of expertise in your industry will make them that much more likely to do business with you.  And we haven’t even touched on the search engine value of a blog–particularly if it’s actually hosted on your web site.

Some will ask the question–so should I have a web site or a blog?  And my answer is both, and your best bet is to host your blog on your web site because that’s the best way to capitalize on the search engine value of the content you’ll post on that blog.  Even without a tremendous amount of key word research, what you blog about is likely to be somewhat keyword rich so, over time, it should provide some search engine credibility.

Build your web site, add a blog to it, and regularly produce key word rich and valuable content.  In both cases, you’ll want to provide some personal narratives and useful links.  That’s the best way to enhance your online presence.  It’s not a case of either or–it’s both.


  • Hello Kelly

    Great article and what brought me here was the link in your email. How did you do that?


  • Hi Jarrett,
    Thanks for checking out the post.
    The email link is a tool called Wisestamp. It’s an email add-on that works in most email programs and you can customize it to make your email signature work as an incredible marketing tool. Try it out.

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