What is Inbound Marketing?

When I talk with business owners today about how they’re filling up their sales funnel, most tell me they’re sending out coupons in local mailers, email blasts, some cold calling, and advertising.  These are all outbound marketing methods where you’re pushing your message out there for all to see and hoping that someone actually does see it and it resonates with that person.

Website as your content hub
Are you getting found online?

Outbound marketing messages are becoming less and less successful simply because of our ability to block out that which isn’t important to us at that moment.  With tools like DVRs and caller ID, we only look at the messages we want to receive.  In addition, with the popularity and accessibility of the internet, it has made ‘search’ for whatever we might be in need of available 24X7, whenever and pretty much wherever we want it.

Using inbound marketing, you can offer your audience useful information, tools and resources to attract prospects to your site, while also interacting and developing relationships with customers online.  Inbound marketing tools include tactics like blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization, and social media networks.  With key-word rich content, blogs are vital in driving traffic from the search engines.  When people search for information online, content from your blogs and your social media shares are what’s coming up in those searches.  With inbound marketing, the focus is on getting found by prospects through blogs, search, and social media.

Are you currently getting found online?   If not, I’d like to know what you’re having trouble with and what you need more information on and we’ll work to help answer those questions.

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