Why Content Marketing Is Important

content marketingThe value of content marketing and content itself has been a popular topic for a few years now.  And yet many businesses still question why it’s necessary for a business to deliver content.

By now, you know there are a multitude of really good reasons to include content in your marketing plan.  Content marketing helps your prospects better understand your industry and your expertise, it delivers SEO value for your online presence, and it can help you generate leads—all important in marketing your business.

The Best Reason Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

But probably the most important reason for delivering content today is because it really gives you the opportunity to use many of the latest marketing tools that are critical to building your business in today’s connected online world.

Some of the most valuable marketing tools and trends from the last few years dictate that content be part of your marketing plan.  They require content in order to function the way in which they were designed.  Without content, many of the marketing tools of today are rendered virtually useless.

Take social media for example.  Without content, I don’t know what you would tweet about or even post on Facebook.  Sure, you want to share great content from other resources, however, in order for these to drive real benefit for your own business, the idea behind social media tools is to use them as a means of amplifying your own message and theories on important trends in your industry.  If you never voice an opinion or deliver any original content, how much of a thought-leader are you?

The same goes for your blog.  If you’re not writing content and adding useful information to your web site, you’re betting that people will remember you and your company—and that’s highly unlikely and a losing bet.  If the detail on your web site never changes, there’s no reason for anyone to ever come back.

Email marketing is another highly effective and useful marketing tool.  But again, without content and a focus on driving people to your content, you’ll have a tough time making this tool useful or be able to measure anything useful as it relates to improving your business and generating new leads.

One of the best reasons to produce content is to gain a better understanding for the kinds of information your prospects are looking for and what they might find useful.  Creating content and using marketing automation tools to deliver and monitor how frequently that content is being read gives you a better idea as to what you’re prospects are looking for and the kinds of products and services they might actually pay for.

As research has proven, mass media broadcast messaging really doesn’t work for smaller businesses.  You have to give your prospects more than “We’re So and So, Come on down and Buy and From Us.”  And that’s why delivering quality content is an important part of marketing your business.  You have to give them a reason to buy from you—and content should be a part of that reason.

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