Why More Businesses Are Turning to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses the practice of offering content or information about a topic to educate prospects and draw them in to listen to the business further.  It’s a concept that’s been embraced by businesses, big and small, over the last couple of years.  You can find more information on Inbound Marketing and measuring its effectiveness here.

Certainly different than traditional marketing which pushed information out to the masses, inbound marketing is used to make prospects better consumers in their industry.  But why else has inbound marketing proven a successful technique?  Read below and you’ll find out.

It’s more cost effective.  It’s much less expensive than purchasing advertising and other traditional media space.  With the internet, businesses can publish their own content at a more attractive price point.

It builds trust.  Educating your audience about the ins and outs of your industry is the best way to build trust.  Provide great content on an on-going basis so they can find the information when they want it and your prospects will continue to come back.  Earn their trust to earn their business.

It’s less intrusive.  With messaging coming to us from all angles, we’re becoming more selective about the messaging we accept.  We’re using technology to fast-forward through commercials on TV, caller ID and registering on ‘do not call lists’ to avoid hearing the messages we don’t care about.

It’s measureable.  Outbound marketing metrics consist primarily of impressions and dictates that audiences need to see those messages several times before they make much of an impact. Inbound marketing is much more measureable as we work to track the various actions of prospects and capturing leads.  With that it also allows for lead nurturing, which means you have the opportunity to move that individual along the marketing continuum of building know, like, and trust.

It’s real-time.  Inbound marketing allows businesses to market 24 hours a day, seven days a week because it takes advantage of the real-time power of the internet.

It allows for 2-way interaction.  Traditional marketing mediums only allowed for one-way communication.  Inbound marketing embraces two-communication where prospects have the opportunity to engage and ask questions and companies happily respond.

With traditional marketing, you’re marketing to the masses–many of which don’t have any need for what you offer.  With inbound marketing, you’re actually marketing to prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.  There’s a novel concept.

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