Why So Much Talk About Press Releases?

Target 10 to 12 Press Releases a Year!

Many of you have heard me talk a great deal about press releases lately. And it’s really because so few small businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to get their business name out there and generating more buzz about the business.

At a minimum, there are 3 great reasons for generating press releases and posting them to your web site:

1. Drive an immediate increase in web site traffic. Issuing a press release can drive those interested in your industry to your web site to explore even more information about your company.
2. For SEO benefits. Posting that press release in the media section on your web site (or in your blog) is also great for search engine optimization because your press release will inherently be rich with key search terms and phrases.
3. To add to your credibility. Regular press releases let your readers know you’re active in your industry and have newsworthy information to put out there.

A press release is a short article written in a factual way, avoiding any sales or advertising language. The purpose of a news release is to provide journalists, bloggers and consumers an overview about something interesting and newsworthy about your product, company or organization.

I think this is a very powerful tool but an almost absent tactic in most marketing action plans for small businesses. Like most marketing tools, the key to success with press releases is to deliver them on a consistent and regular basis. Your annual marketing plan should include a plan for press releases so that they occur almost on a monthly basis. While it’s true that you may not have something newsworthy to report every month and then there are months in which you may have more than one press release. I would suggest targeting 10 to 12 press releases a year to generate the consistency that will produce momentum in terms of traffic to the web site.

Once you’ve written a press release, add it to the news or media section on your web site and be sure to distribute your press releases to news sources and online media sources (stay tuned for a future post on these sources). And of course, it never hurts to establish a relationship with the local writers and bloggers who cover your industry, so think about emailing them a copy as well.

Over time, you’ll notice your collection of press releases will grow into a scrapbook of company milestones and memories.

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