6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Performing Well

Why is your blog not performing well?  Most of us are following best SEO practices and creating consistent content for our blogs.  We spend a good deal of time generating content  and want to see results and reap the rewards.  But here are a few ways that we might be hindering our blog’s potential for success without even knowing it.

You Don’t Have an Email List

And when I say you don’t have an email list, I really mean that you aren’t regularly collecting emails.  If you don’t collect emails, how will your readers know when you add new content?   How will you keep them excited about the information you have to offer?

Even if you think that email newsletters are overrated – they’re not.  They are alive and well in most cases.  And they are an excellent way to keep your business top of mind with prospects and existing clients.

You Don’t Have a Community

If you’re creating content regularly and yet no one comments on your posts, look back at your work and be sure that you’re creating engaging content.  If no one is commenting, it may be that your posts aren’t interesting enough.

It may also be that you’re not including calls to action or asking the right questions in your posts.  Take a look at some other blogs that do receive lots of comments and check out their tactics.  Compare your posts to theirs to gain some insight.

You Don’t Have Any Personality

Check out TechCrunch’s blog.  Is it merely conveying information to its readers?  No.  They do convey information, but they do so in a witty fashion.  Their readers love it.  Look at QuickSprout as well.  Same thing.

If you don’t develop your own blog personality, how can you expect to gain a loyal following?  Or get comments?  Or have a reader come back more than once?

If you think it seems unprofessional to put personality into your blog posts, think again.  The internet is not the real world.  You don’t interact with people face to face.  Because of this, you need to find a way to hold their attention and encourage them to come back – and including personality is one of the best ways to do it.

You Are Inconsistent

If you’re one of those bloggers that created lots of good content in your first months of existence then stopped, you are inconsistent.

Blogging isn’t about finishing a task, it’s a constant grind.  Expect that you’ll never be done with it.  This doesn’t mean that you have to put tons of pressure on yourself or your organization to create a post every day.  But you do have to establish some kind of routine that delivers consistency.

Consistency can be as simple as creating just a post a week.  Regardless of your timetable, consistency is crucial in the success of your blog.

You Give Everything Away For Free

Yes, on a blog you are giving out free information.  But that doesn’t mean that all of your information/advice should be published on your blog.  How will you make money otherwise?

Include calls to action in your blog posts.  You can put calls to action in your social media posts as well.  But get your readers used to the fact that not everything will just magically appear for them on your blog. Give them a free infographic if they retweet your Twitter post.  Give them a free e-book when they subscribe to your email list.

You Don’t View Blogging as a Critical Component to the Organization

If you only blog when you think of something fun to write about, you probably won’t be publishing consistently.  If you only blog when you feel 100% healthy, you probably won’t be publishing consistently.  If you only blog when you receive lots of comments on your previous post, you probably won’t be publishing consistently.

Yes this comes right back to publishing content consistently.  When you take your blogging seriously, and think of it as one of your job responsibilities, you are much more likely to publish content consistently. And consequently, much more likely to see your blog achieve more success.

Blogging can seem like a pain.  It can be difficult to see results, but if you implement these steps, you will start to see gains, slowly but surely.  Just remember that when it comes to blogging, everything takes time. Nothing happens all at once.  So be patient, and more importantly, be consistent.

If blogging is inconsistent for your organization and not making the kind of gains you’d like to see, remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  If you’d like some help, contact us for a discussion.


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