The 1 Thing to Include in Your Advertising

Recently, I’ve done several marketing material audits.  I take a look at things like websites, marketing kits, advertisements, business cards, etc. and review them for content and branding consistency.  With almost all of the audits I’ve done recently, there’s been one critical piece of information missing from the marketing materials– A REASON TO BUY FROM YOU. 

Surprisingly, much of the advertising and communication materials out there, don’t really tell the reader anything about the benefits of buying from the company.  The materials I’ve seen recently simply say “I’m Jeff, I’m a such and such, I’ve been in business for 12 years, come on down and buy from me”.

Unfortunately, most marketing materials don’t speak to anyone specific and then they don’t say anything specific.  Think about the value or benefit that buyers will get in return from doing business with you.  Talk about the benefits in terms of time saved, money saved, frustration avoided—but talk about the benefits.  Don’t just assume that because you’ve hung out your shingle, people will immediately buy from you. 

It seems most business owners spend more time and money on graphics, pictures, and advertising in general, but don’t think about what people really need to know about their company. 

Do you talk about the benefits of buying from you in your advertising?

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